Sacred Ground Session 8: Divisions in Present-Day White America

Key Resources for participants to view/read prior to Session 8. PASSWORD: ThisIsSacredGround

  • Session Themes & Overview from the Author – Sacred Ground
  • Documentary: America Inside Out with Katie Couric, Episode: White Anxiety(48 min)
  • Article: What So Many People Don’t Get About the US Working Class by Joan Williams – In 2016, Dr Williams suggested five policy points to understand working class voters & warned that our biggest risk is to not bridge the culture gap. “…if Trump proves unable to bring steel back to Youngstown OH, the consequences could turn dangerous.” How do you relate to the concerns expressed in the policy points & how do you feel about her prediction? Where do non-white working class people fit in this picture?
  • ArticleBeyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart, How We Come Together by Van Jones – Mr Jones critiques Conservatives and Liberals, describing the strengths and weaknesses of both, while advocating to find common ground. As followers of Jesus, what can we do to foster understanding across political differences in our own communities?
  1. Core book: Waking up WhiteChapter 35: If Only You’d Be More Like Me by Debbie Irving “…part of my subconscious expectation had been that people outside my culture should assimilate to my ways, see and do things the way I’d been taught was right and normal.” page 191. Does Ms Irving’s realization hold meaning for you?
  2. Core bookJesus & the Disinherited, Ch 3: Deception by Howard Thurman – Dr Thurman asserts that deception is a spiritual question, that we cannot quarantine certain deceptions and that the power of Jesus’ most revolutionary appeal was his “emphasis on unwavering sincerity.”  What does it mean to us as individuals and as church to practice “unwavering sincerity”?