Pastoral Care

This ministry area focuses on enriching the spiritual life of the congregation as well as providing pastoral support in times of need.

Hearts and Hands.

This is a ministry of caring and helping by volunteers who are pleased to share their time and gifts to meet a variety of parishioners’ needs. The volunteers are matched with those who need visits, rides, meals, home communion, a funeral reception or other assistance.

Prayer Chain.

Our Prayer Chain offers prayers on a daily basis for parishioners and others in our community and throughout the world. The group meets once a month at church to check-in and update the prayer lists. Those wishing to add a prayer request can contact the parish office.

Ascension Friends.

Sunday Eucharist Online Service at 10:15am. We provide pastoral care to members of Ascension, particularly those who are unable to attend regular services. Ascension Friends make visits, phone calls, send cards to those we do not see often; members who are aging or people we like to communicate with and share our love and concern.
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