Thank you for your faithful financial support of Ascension’s ministries. I asked that you "Give It All You've Got" and you responded so very generously.

We shifted systems last year and beginning in 2022, we use Realm to manage our parishioner records, pledging, and electronic giving. If you chose to pay your pledge electronically, meaning via credit card or EFT from your bank account, I need your help to access Realm and schedule the actual payment of your pledge. This is a step in addition to completing the pledge form. More than 40 of you have generously pledged but have not scheduled payment of your pledge in Realm. Without scheduling your pledge payment, Ascension cannot collect your pledge.

How do you know if your pledge has been scheduled? Once in Realm, select the Giving tab, then underneath that tab, select the Scheduled box below the two white dots on the left side of the screen.

The gray box to the right will have your 2022 pledge amount. If on the left side of the screen you see a message that states "There are no recurring gifts to display" as seen below, then your pledge has not been scheduled and Ascension is unable to collect your pledge.
To schedule your pledge payment. please select the blue box on the right that is titled " + Enter Online Gift " (above the gray box containing your pledge total) and complete the form. Once properly completed, the recurring electronic pledge will be reflected on the Giving/Scheduled screen as shown in the example below.
We cannot stress enough how urgent it is to complete this as quickly as possible. Without it, we we are missing a large source of our income. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marisa Jennings (Interim Treasurer) at or Mother Heather at
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