First of all, thank you ALL for your patience as we navigate through these unprecedented times! We have been working diligently on finding an online platform that provides ease of use and also, gives one the sense of being “present” even though we are unable to. We think you will really like our new system!

It’s as easy as ONE click! Either click on the Sunday Service button below or navigate to Please keep in mind that you MUST include the full address including the “https://” at the beginning in order to access this secure site.

We have provided a quick video sample (this sample video does NOT include sound) below of what the system will look like when you visit on Sunday. You will see that once you arrive at the site, you have the option to “chat” or “send a message” to all parishoners. Keep in mind that everyone can see the same chat forum (to the right of the screen). In order to post, you will need to provide a user “name”. It can be anything you like but we suggest using your actual name. 🙂 That’s it!

You will be able to see the text version of the bulletin during the actual video service (to the right of the video) and you will be able to submit prayer requests, chat with others, read an online bible and even submit confidential prayer requests!

Don’t forget! We will be hosing a virtual Coffee Hour immediately after service. You will see a Zoom Link posted at the end of the service (in the chat area) but you can also access it here by clicking on this link The coffee hour is designed to allow us to all greet one another initially and then we’ll be breaking out into random groups to chat with a few smaller numbers. After about 5 minutes in the main zoom room, you will receive a one minute notice for the automatic move to a “breakout” group. You will have about 10 minutes in this group before receiving another 1 minute warning to rejoin the main group in order to be reassigned to a NEW breakout group. This will give you the chance to see plenty of lovely faces and hear from your fellow parishioners.

If at any time during this process, you are having trouble, please give our Communications Coordinator, Susan, a call at 425-275-6742 or email her at (Feel free to text her as well if that’s convenient for you).

*Please be sure to take the time to check your computer/tablet/mobile phone sound before Sunday. That way you’ll know it works and won’t have anything to delay you from participating in this much anticipated gathering.