Mission and outreach hero

Outreach efforts at Ascension are guided by Christ’s call to love our neighbors as he loved us. Our outreach programs focus on feeding the hungry, working to provide shelter and hospitality to the homeless, calling on the sick and shut-ins, supporting prison and street ministries. We do this in two ways: one is by hands-on volunteer work with ministries in Seattle, and the other is through fund-raising efforts for local and global ministries and relief agencies.

Our work in Outreach is active and committed. There is a place for all members of our church family to donate food and clothing, to support our fundraisers, or to be involved in hands-on efforts. We welcome your participation.

  • Fundraising Efforts. During the year we hold assorted fundraising events to support outreach ministries. These include an annual rummage sale, a book sale and various dinner events. We are always looking for creative ideas and hands on help to make these events successful.
  • Operation Nightwatch. This is a street ministry in downtown Seattle. We support this ministry by providing and serving dinner 7 times a year, on the 31st of each month that has 31 days, as well as collecting needed toiletry and clothing items.
  • Mission to Seafarers. This is an ecumenical and international ministry supported by our diocese to serve those on board merchant marine and cruise ships that come to the port of Seattle. We support this ministry through on-board visits, driving seamen to local shops, knitting caps, collecting supplies for and stuffing ditty bags, and prayer.
  • Tent City 5. We are actively engaged with our neighbors experiencing homelessness who reside in Tent City 5. We are part of the TC5 Community Advisory Committee. We host a monthly meeting of the ecumenical support group, in which members of 5 Magnolia churches are committed to providing monthly meals and other necessities, such as propane, for our neighbors.
  • Social events for Magnolia Seniors. We collaborate with Seattle Parks and Recreation to host several social events for local neighborhood seniors at Ascension.