In addition to one-time and recurring regular donation, you may also contribute to the future of our mission by making a legacy gift through remembering Ascension in your will.

Legacy Giving: Honor our history. Enrich our present. Anticipate our future.

Legacy, or Planned, giving is one expression of the wise use of the personal resources God entrusts to us. Legacy giving gives the donor a means to thoughtfully transfer resources to the next generation, and helps Church of the Ascension to gather the resources to provide for the continuing financial support of the church for its mission.

Legacy gifts through bequests and other gift provisions are vitally important to building for the future of Church of the Ascension. Legacy gifts are either outright gifts (i.e. gifts of appreciated securities, real property, personal property, etc.) or deferred gifts (i.e. bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts). Anyone who makes a legacy gift provision becomes a member of the Legacy Society of Church of the Ascension and the Bishop’s Society of the Diocese of Olympia.

How is a Planned Gift Different from your Annual Pledge?  Annual Giving pledges normally deal with parishioners’ annual incomes. Legacy, or Planned, Gifts usually come from one’s accumulated assets.

Endowment Giving:  Remember the Future

An outright or deferred gift to Church of the Ascension’s Endowment Fund is a restricted gift that honors our past, present and future. Current gifts are given to the Endowment fund now, and a charitable income tax deduction is received in the year of the gift. Deferred gifts are given after death from an estate or trust.

The gift principal is invested and never spent when directed to an endowment fund. As the funds of the Foundation grow, distributions from earnings are made. These distributions support the purposes for which the endowment funds were established. A gift to Church of the Ascension’s Endowment Fund is a wonderful way simultaneously to be part of our church history and of our church future.

The Endowment Fund document and the parish Gift Acceptance Policy are available for your review.

For More Information

More information about Ascension’s Legacy Society and Endowment Fund is available via the links below, or by contact the church office  at 206-283-3967 or

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