Welcome to Church of the Ascension, an Episcopal church in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. We are a community in which visitors, friends and members experience the welcome of God, and find encouragement and refreshment for life at home, at work and in public life.

If you are new to Seattle or seeking a spiritual home, we invite you to join us for Sunday worship and Bible Study and/or celebration of Morning Prayer on Thursdays. The schedule for these services can be found on this website as well as the printed bulletins available at Ascension.

We are an energetic and engaged community of about 125 households who gather for weekly worship and nourishment for going out into the world to be Jesus’ compassion in action. Children, the elderly, young parents, single and divorced persons, as well as married and partnered couples make up the remarkable mix of people who call Ascension their spiritual home.

All that we do reflects our commitment and care for others and the earth. What we say and do in worship nurtures, informs, and guides our actions for peace and justice.

What To Expect

  • Visitors often speak of the positive energy in our traditional worship as well as the excellence of our music program. We are a friendly crowd but not pushy, respecting the dignity and wishes of those who attend.
  • As an Episcopal parish, we celebrate the ancient rituals of Christianity with silence, prayer, music, engaging preaching, physical gestures and a profound sense of the presence of the Holy One that unites the worshipping community.
  • When you visit, we don’t want you to feel as if you need to get everything “right” in terms of participating in our liturgy. You can simply let the beauty and the prayerfulness of the liturgy wash over you. We provide a printed bulletin containing all the readings and instructions for the service.

When you visit you will be greeted in the entryway before the liturgy. After the service please come to Coffee Hour and let us have a chance to hear a bit about how you came to visit us. We would enjoy answering questions you might have about what you experienced.

What does “Episcopal” mean?

Episcopos” is the Greek word for “bishop.” Thus “Episcopal” means “governed by bishops.” The Episcopal Church maintains the three-fold order of ministry as handed down by the Apostles — deacons, priests and bishops — in direct descent, via the laying on of hands, from the original Apostles. By the way, “Episcopal” is an adjective: “I belong to the Episcopal Church.” The noun is “Episcopalian”: “I am an Episcopalian.”

What We Believe

Adapted from Diocese of Olympia website

A good question.  A vast amount has been written on this subject.  Theology has been debated and authority has been called into question.  Here is a very basic overview of what Episcopalians and the Episcopal Church is all about.

  • We believe in God, the Father
  • We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Son
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit
  • We believe in love
  • We believe in forgiveness
  • We believe in freedom
  • We believe in listening
  • We are steeped in tradition, but not mired in it
  • We are committed to compassionate action
  • We are committed to care for the planet and its creatures
  • We inherit history
  • We turn to the future

Regardless of where you are on your faith journey, Welcome to this place and enjoy your time here.

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