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Tell the Truth; Proclaim the Dream; Follow Jesus’ Way of Love; Repair the Breach
Church of the Ascension Seattle rests on the traditional homelands of the Duwamish people. We acknowledge the ancestors of this place and understand that we are here because of the sacrifices forced upon them. By recognizing these communities, we honor their legacy, their lives, and their descendants.

What is the Healing & Justice Ministry?

Healing and Justice Ministry. What is it? It’s a ministry whose premise is that the worship of God calls us into a servanthood that works to build a beloved community. That is a future world transformed by non-violence, healing relationships and justice. Many of you are familiar with Becoming Beloved Community presentations given by Laurie, Kristine, Linda and Don on Civil Rights Pilgrimages, city initiatives around houselessness and affordable housing and Book Clubs on anti-racism. You may have participated in the 2020-2021 Sacred Ground anti-racism curriculum with us. Yet, something new is happening among us. A new ministry that doesn’t exactly fit under Outreach Ministries or Adult Formation Ministries. Rather  
a new ministry that explores the interaction of our own faith and justice. 

The Healing and Justice Ministry will be creating events for our community, as well as advertising other local opportunities, so that we may continue to learn, engage in discussions, and to be a part of creating a more just society. 

A calendar will be shared with you here, and be sure to check our updates in Ascension’s weekly e-News as well. 

Contact: Laurie Weckel, laweckel@gmail.com

Social Justice Themes

We have curated a collection of prayers, books, films, events and websites that focus on a topic that changes monthly. Please visit these links to dive deeper into the history and issues of social justice in these different communities. Below you will find the current month’s Healing and Justice resources.

Sikh Americans

January Theme

Our Prayer

May you create peace within your being, understand your strength, create a relationship with your own soul
and find the personal, impersonal, and universal truth in your actions. May this day bring you the light of life
and may you understand you are here to be here with joy, happiness, and prayer. May you all be blessed.
Sat Nam. (Peace Prayers – Sikh Dharma International)


As the highlighted author Valerie Kaur suggests, approach all people with the
philosophy “you are a part of me I do not know yet”, and see how that mindset
affects your interactions with people.

Resources & Action

"See No Stranger"

Written by Valerie Kaur
“How do we love in a time of rage? How do we fix a broken world while not breaking ourselves? Valarie Kaur—renowned Sikh activist, filmmaker, and civil rights lawyer—describes revolutionary love as the call of our time, a radical, joyful practice that extends in three directions: to others, to our opponents, and to ourselves. It enjoins us to see no stranger but instead look at others and say: You are part of me I do not yet know. Starting from that place of wonder, the world begins to change: It is a practice that can transform a relationship, a community, a culture, even a nation.”

Vishavjit Singh is Sikh Captain America | Street Roots

With his creations, the cartoonist throws a mighty shield at the hate and prejudice he’s experienced

"Sikh Meets World"

Sikh Meets World is a podcast that “aims to explore the lives of exemplary Sikhs in politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more, in order to understand their story and career, as well as how their faith has influenced their success. Not only do we discuss the pressing issues that matter to them, but we also ask them for advice and guidance, so others can do the same.” Sikh Meets World - Hosted by Sikh Campaign (acast.com)

Documentary Film

“The Sikh community is an important part of northern California's cultural tapestry, yet the Sikh religion and cultural traditions are not widely understood. This documentary captures Sikh social and family life, spiritual life, and economic and work life. Witness a beautiful Sunday service at a gurdwara, a Sikh wedding, the tying of a Sikh turban, and a look at the game Kabbadi.” (www.pbs.com)

Breathe! Push! The Labor of Revolutionary Love | Bioneers - YouTube

Valerie Kaur
“Is this the darkness of the tomb – or the darkness of the womb?” asks Valarie Kaur. Although we’ve mounted a powerful resistance to tyranny, injustice and violence during the Trump era, with 2020 in sight, we need more than resistance. We need to birth a new America. The extraordinarily passionate and effective civil rights attorney, faith leader and activist Valarie Kaur shares why she’s convinced that what our times demand is Revolutionary Love. It’s an orientation to life and our movements that harnesses all of the body’s emotions—grief, rage, and joy—and calls us to our highest bravery. We need to reclaim love as a form of sweet labor—fierce, demanding, and life-giving —and draw from the wisdom of the midwife: when in labor, breathe and push! (www.bioneers.org)

My Turban | SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

“#MyTurban is a short film project from the
makers of “Turbanology” which delves into the
pride and passion of individual Sikhs and their
Turban identity.” (www.sikhnet.com)

Our American Dream - We are Sikhs

“Sikh values are American values. We feel at home in America, a nation that traditionally celebrates diversity and religious
liberty. Sikh communities foster love, equality, and
acceptance of all. Like the U.S. Bill of Rights, Sikh scripture promotes ideals of equality and the freedom to pursue paths of peace and prosperity. And like the United States, Sikhs stand against injustice and inequality wherever it exists.” (www.wearesikhs.org)

Sikh Coalition

“Redefining what's possible for the Sikh American community
through our work in the community, courtrooms, classrooms, and the halls of Congress.” Their work includes: creating safe schools, ending employment discrimination, combating and preventing hate, empowering the community, legal cases and policy initiatives, raising the sikh profile.” (www.sikhcoalition.org)

A new website is available for graduates of the “Sacred Ground” program with additional resources for learning and action.

Sacred Ground

This is a race dialogue series designed for these times. It is an attempt to be responsive to the profound challenges that currently exist in our society. It is focused on the challenges that swirl around issues of race and racism, as well as the difficult but respectful and transformative dialogue we need to have with each other about them. It invites participants to walk back through history in order to peel away the layers that brought us to today, and to do so in a personal way, reflecting on family histories and stories, as well as important narratives that shape the collective American story. It holds the vision of beloved community as a guiding star – where all people are honored and protected and nurtured as beloved children of God, where we weep at one another’s pain and seek one another’s flourishing.

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