Children, Youth & Family

We are especially grateful for the presence and ministry of children and youth in our worshipping community. Ascension offers Church School classes for children in Kindergarten through fifth grade, that run from September through June. Church School takes place at 10:15 am each Sunday in Dewitt Hall and is led by Megan Bartsch.

Our Nursery & Children's Program is staffed by trained child care providers, led by  Marie Hebert. Child care is available on Sundays beginning at 9am - 11:15am

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Questions? Contact Debbie Crouch:

Children's Choir

This no-cut choir is designed to introduce music skills and concepts of faith to children ages 5-18 years old music. This choir rehearses on Sundays, 11:45-12:15pm, in the Sanctuary. Questions? Contact, Dir. Of Children’s Choir, Dan White.

Thank you,
Dan White, Children's Music Director
September 10th, 2023
Megan Bartsch
Ascension Sunday School Teacher
Identifying the developmental stages of learning, parents gave examples of activities for children and youth that meet their right now needs. As a result, starting this September, Ascension will be offering:
"Several years ago, parents gathered to share how Ascension can support them and their children in faith. We stated all the ways faith is formed. We discovered 1. Full participation in Sunday worship and 2. Fun events to nurture church friendships are the most important factors to raise your children in a faith-filled community". As a result, Ascension now offers:
- Full participation in Sunday Worship, 10:15am
- Fun events to nurture church friendships
- Service Projects
  1. Nursery Care: Children ages 0-5 Years Old, Sunday's 9am - 11:45am - Play based curriculum introduces prayer and song on Sundays in Dewitt Hall. Our nursery leaders are Marie Hebert and Anna Jeglinski.
  2. After Mass Care: Sunday's, 11:15 - 11:45am - Prayer, Lego and Art Projects based on the Sunday's Gospel lectionary will be given by instructors; Izzy Hudd & Marie Hebert in Dewitt Hall. Snacks Provided. CHILD/YOUTH REGISTRATION LINK
  3. Children and youth serve as acolytes lectors, ushers, & oblations at the 10:15 family-friendly service. To support young people in the pews, Ascension offers Worship Bags, the rector presents a theme of the day and participation in liturgical roles. Worship bags include colors and instructive materials which are restocked each Sunday. Books, drawing supplies and toys are available too. Upon coming to worship, Ushers will likely ask your child to either present the oblations and/or the offertory to the Altar during Mass. It's fun to worship all together!
  4. Season Faith kits delivered to your home: Education research indicates that faith is taught primarily at home. Ascension is interested in reinforcing grace-filled practices taught at home and opportunities of friends beyond your family, school and peer group. Faith Kits at Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lent and Easter are delivered to household for parents and children to use at home. Each Faith Kit teaches bout the liturgical season. They are easy to use materials that hopefully will assist you in talking to your child about faith. For more information please contact Debbie Crouch & Megan Jarman.
  5. Youth Service Project: Monthly service with Interbay Tiny Cabin Village, Ascension invites youth to cook and serve dinner to our neighbors living at Interbay Tiny Cabin Village, last Sunday's of the Month. For more information contact Jan Monti & Debbie Crouch.

What Does It Look Like For My Children To Be In Church?

We believe that worship together is key to all our faith development and we recognize that parents need time to breath apart from their children. Here is what kids in church looks like. Families come to church and kids get a Worship Bag (see more about the worship bag above). The rector poses a questions after the collect for the kids to noodle on during the readings and sermon. They draw, they write and then bring their reflections with them to the altar for communion. There's a basket to collect the kids work. Often, the kids words are referenced at the end of the worships or used in future bulletin publications.

Immediately following worship, Ascension offers an After Mass care downstairs in Dewitt Hall. Two childcare providers lead this program: Gathering, Prayer, Snack and Art/Building Activities to reinforce the theme of that Sunday. This Kid's Corner curriculum is presented beforehand in the weekly Enews. Printable forms can be downloaded below. After Mass Care ends at 11:45am.
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