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The Inspiration of St. Matthew, Caravaggio, 1602
slow religion: The gospel according to matthew

Class Materials

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Church of the Ascension /Seattle
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Slow Religion is taught by parishioners Joe Jennings, Emeritus Professor of New Testament Gene Lemcio and The Rev. Heather Wenrick.
the gospel according to matthew

Slow Religion

"A Deep Reading of Matthew Applied To Our Times"
Starts Sept 20, 7 PM Zoom

Slow Religion, The Gospel According to Matthew is a lay person-led, adult education weekly series for Christians and seekers. The class uses a slow and careful reading of the Gospel, considers a range of commentaries, tries to understand the cultural, historical, and religious contexts and discusses how to apply them today.

Each week’s attendees are provided an outline, overview and background readings for a chapter or section of a chapter. Reading the outline is sufficient, reading more provides a deeper context for the class.

Matthew’s gospel is worth studying because the author attempts to uphold Jesus’ Jewish past, with Jesus ministry, death, and resurrection. Matthew reflects the 1st Century CE Jesus movement and early church existing in hostile Hellenistic and Jewish worlds.

21st Century readers recognize Matthew as the source of many of the best-known stories and sayings of Jesus as well as a social philosophy that many non-Christians believe in. Famous for its Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, and other teachings, Matthew is often called the most Jewish of the Gospels, while also contributing to antisemitism.

The class is created and led by Joe Jennings and advisors include: the Rev. Zoila Schoenbrun and the Rev. Robert Gieselmann, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Belvedere, CA; the Rev. Br. Richard Edward Helmer, Episcopal Church of our Saviour, Mill Valley, CA; and Eugene E. Lemcio, PhD, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Seattle Pacific University and the Rev. Heather Wenrick, the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Seattle.

The class is offered weekly on Zoom, starting Tuesday 7 PM September 20. If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of Jesus’ teachings, actions and how to apply them today, please join us.
Classes are held via ZOOM each Tuesday from 7PM to 8PM.
adult christian formation

Bible Study

Bible Study Zoom Link
Have you ever wondered about the relationship of the Lectionary readings to each of the other each Sunday?

Are you in need of a refresher on what the Bible actually says?

For week preceding January 15: Chapter 1 God Saw That It Was Good, from The Path, selected chapters and verses from Genesis 1 and 2.

For the week preceding January 21: Chapter 2 The Sign of the Covenant, from The Path, selected chapters and verses from Genesis 4-11.

For the week preceding January 29: Chapter 3 Ancestor of a Multitude, from The Path, selected chapters and verses from Genesis 25-50.
Wonder no more! We may not be able to answer all your questions, but we can say that this class will help you connect those childhood stories and questions to the sermons about Jesus that Mother Heather preaches. This class offers a study of the entire Old and New Testaments with an approachable curriculum that is meant to connect the Bible to living in today’s world. We meet in the comfort of a small group of people who believe that by studying the Good News we can better follow and serve God in the world. The class will study the Old Testament this winter and spring and return in the fall to study the New Testament. The group is led by lay volunteers and focuses on discussion of the week’s readings and application to the here and now. We welcome everyone from those who have never read the Bible to those who have read and studied it for many years. We’re all on the same journey…to love and serve the Lord! For questions contact Jane Stockert or Bill Fay
adult christian formation

Adult Forums

At various times throughout the year we schedule Adult Forums to augment our intentional Christian Formation program. Through the insights and wisdom of outside speakers, discussion of contemporary issues seen through the lens of our faith, and conversation about how our beliefs integrate our life as Christians in the world, we are formed and transformed. Adult forums are often held between services on Sunday. Extended programs may be offered on Wednesdays in Lent or Advent.

Adult Forums in recent years include: community organizing for gospel justice, sacred conversations on race and racial justice; webcasts from the Trinity Institute; Creation Care documentary film nights; and Living Water. Our 2018 Lenten program studied “The Book of Common Prayer”. In 2020/2021, we participated in the "This Is Sacred Ground", a film-based dialogue series on race & faith. Watch for more information at this page.
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