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Bible Study

Adult Bible meets Sunday Mornings, 9-10 am, downstairs in Dewitt Hall.

Bible Study Fall 2018: Selections on New Creation September 23-December 16

This fall we resume Adult Bible Study in consideration of our lives personally, our lives as the community of Ascension, as citizens of this great nation, and as part of this earth, our island home. Personally, we have experienced new life, various life experiences of joy and sadness, and death. It is a time that fills us with many thoughts and emotions particularly as we anticipate the work of the Vestry, and the Call Committees and as we make our call for a new rector. Our nation is on the eve of an important election as we deal with great uncertainty and doubt about how we will continue to be the United States. Thus, our study this fall. While we will not settle the big issues of the day, we will gain strength and wisdom from our study of scripture together, trusting in God to help us make a new creation.

To provide a better picture of our study, here is an excerpt from some of Rev. Celeste Cranston’s introduction to this study. How do we face the harsh, frightening reality of this shattered world, yet live out our call to be a Christ-centered ‘grace-filled community”, especially in a long term, sustainable way? How do we consider our own need for healing and wholeness, but lovingly engage a world where many live in war-torn existence and terror on a daily basis? These questions create a powerful subtext for engagement with Scripture. Can our world really be changed by an encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ via God’s holy word? Can we? How do we explore God’s New Creation in the midst of our brokenness?

Join us this fall as we study various scripture readings from Genesis to Revelation through narrative of those who have walked before us throughout history. We use a shared lay leadership approach to our study. We serve coffee and tasty snacks to keep up our strength. We pray and reason together, care for each other and work to make sense of our world from the Christian perspective.  Please join us on the journey. All disciples and seekers of the Good News are welcome!

If you want to look at the curriculum it is available through Seattle Pacific University, spu/lectio/archives, Selections on New Creation.  For more information or questions contact Bill Fay or Jane Stockert


Adult Forums

At various times throughout the year we schedule Adult Forums to augment our intentional Christian Formation program. Through the insights and wisdom of outside speakers, discussion of contemporary issues seen through the lens of our faith, and conversation about how our beliefs integrate our life as Christians in the world, we are formed and transformed. Adult forums are often held between services on Sunday. Extended programs may be offered on Wednesdays in Lent or Advent.

Adult Forums in recent years include: community organizing for gospel justice, sacred conversations on race and racial justice; webcasts from the Trinity Institute; Creation Care documentary film nights; Faithful Citizenship program (2015) and Living Water (2017) on Wednesdays in Lent.